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How We Got Here

I was lucky as a child to have a father that taught "his girls" that they could do or be whatever they wanted in life. He grew up riding Harleys and was more than happy to teach me to ride at an early age. When Santa brought me my first dirt bike, no trail or dirt road was safe from me. I rode for hours and delighted in the pleasure of being on a motorcycle (to this day I still get the same feeling every time I ride). From dirt bikes, I started riding cruisers to get back and forth to school but stopped for a while when I graduated. The call to ride is strong and I soon found myself needing to ride again. Let's face it, an hour on a motorcycle in the mountains makes a week of stress melt away. I purchased another cruiser which I love but found myself wanting to try out a sportbike. I had heard good things about the Suzuki Katana so I checked them out. Soon I was hooked, I still have my cruiser but I upgraded the Katana and now I enjoy riding my Suzuki GSX-R every chance I get.

Satisfied motorcyclist.I have always ridden with protective gear but I always found it tough to find motorcycle gear specifically made for women! Because of this, She Rides® was created to provide women with stylish apparel that provides proper fitting protection, protection that fits the female’s body, protection that is needed when riding, whatever the riding style. I continue to look for new products that are competitive in cost without sacrificing the quality and craftsmanship. I also continue to search for quality manufacturers and distributors that share my goals and values for the female rider and passenger with a resulting goal of the ability to give women more options and provide the best in women's motorcycle apparel and accessories.

At She Rides®, you will find a line of leather and textile clothing, boots, gloves, and accessories that will appeal to every style of rider. The clothing is made and sized for the female, remaining true to my beliefs, goals, and promise of providing true feminine apparel.

My sole purpose and objective is for She Rides® to be a vehicle for the female riders and passengers, to know they have options when it comes to motorcycle apparel and to provide a network of resources for the female motorcyclist that prefers options in her life.


She Rides® Mission

She Rides®, the company, exists solely to provide motorcyclists, male or female, rider or co-rider, with the highest quality motorcycle apparel, products and advice that enable the motorcyclist to fully enjoy the sport we chose as our passion. For both our male and female customers, our commitment that our service consists of good advice and a genuine interest in outfitting our customers in a way where they will obtain maximum joy and benefit from the gear purchased. This is defined as the “She Rides® Experience”—personal service and advice plus quality merchandise.


She Rides® Vision

To achieve a position of respect and knowledge to utilize that position to help and inspire others and to foster positive change within the motorcycle community.


She Rides® Goals

Carisa runs She Rides® based on personal experiences as a motorcyclist and as a purchaser of motorcycle apparel and accessories herself. Her ongoing goals are:

Woman motorcycle bullet.

To stock an apparel line for the female who wants stylish, comfortable, and proper fitting riding apparel—without having to settle for the bigger, bulkier, binding, and improper fitting of the so called unisex clothing.

Woman motorcycle bullet.

To create value by maintaining current knowledge of products, which aids the customer in making, educated decisions when considering a riding apparel investment.

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To provide outstanding customer service and affordable, quality merchandise for both women and men.

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To provide both male and female riders with information and advice that will both educate and inspire while allowing for open discussion and the contribution of others.

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